Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Much slacking off by yours truly, apologies. Here's the results since the last update.

May 31st (I know, I know)

Charlie's Angels 229, Acorns 239

June 7th

Acorns 243, Renegades 236

June 14th

Kemps Crusaders 225, Acorns 251

June 21st

Acorns 272, Southend Travellers 229

June 28th

Fireflys 246, Acorns 250

July 5th

Southend Travellers 244, Acorns 232

July 12th

Acorns 260, Kemps Crusaders 252

Only one loss in that lot (at Credenhill SC, where winning is of course against the laws of physics), which leaves Acorns 3rd, only 1 point behind 2nd and 2 off 1st with 4 games to play.

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