Monday, 8 April 2013

Run-In & Re-arranged

A mixed bag (of crap mainly), for the final games, including a couple of re-arranged fixtures.

Friday, March 8th

Marsh's Marauders 333, Acorns 325

Friday, March 22nd

Richmond 'A' 323, Acorns 332

Thursday, March 28th (from January 18th)

Acorns 332, Bunch of Bankers 348

Friday, April 5th (from March 15th)

Acorns 343, Busbars 349

It looks like most of the teams staying in Div 3 have ended up within a few point of each other, with us drifting towards the bottom but fairly safe now it's only 3 down. An end-of-term feel for the last game with a poor final leg, but nothing compared to the vintage English cricket style collapse of the previous week. There's always next season.

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