Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Winter 2008/2009 Fixtures

19th Sep - Richmond 'A' (H) LOSS
26th Sep - Brewers Creeps (A - Brewers Arms) LOSS
3rd Oct - Bunch of Bankers (H) WIN
10th Oct - Military 'C' (H) WIN (VOID)
17th Oct - Pyoneers (A - Wellington SC) LOSS
24th Oct - Optimist Lads (H) LOSS
31st Oct - Brooksiders (A - Gamecock) WIN
7th Nov - Military Tees (H) WIN
14th Nov - Trevor Williams (A -Welsh Club) WIN
21st Nov - Westend (H) LOSS
28th Nov - GWRSA 'A' (A - Railway Club) DRAW
5th Dec - City Sports (H) WIN
12th Dec - Sundowners (A - Volunteer (Harold St.)) LOSS
19th Dec - Sundowners (H) WIN
2nd Jan - City Sports (A - City Sports Club) LOSS
9th Jan - GWRSA 'A' (H) LOSS
16th Jan - Westend (A - Vaga) LOSS
23rd Jan - Trevor Williams (H) WIN
30th Jan - Military Tees (A - Military Club)
6th Feb - Brooksiders (H)
13th Feb - Optimist Lads (A - City Sports Club)
20th Feb - Pyoneers (H)
27th Feb - Bye
6th Mar - Bunch of Bankers (A - Victory)
13th Mar - Brewers Creeps (H)
20th Mar - Richmond 'A' (A - Richmond Club)

Military 'C' have dropped out so result is void.
Military Tees now playing home games on Friday.

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